July 2019   
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Nursery Director: Charity Wheeler




Our Purpose

The staff and teachers of Regency Park Baptist Church want to help each child…

  • Know they are loved and wanted.
  • Know that the Bible is a special book that tells about God and Jesus
  • Have positive feelings about church.
  • Learn to love, respect and accept others.
  • Feel secure with loving adults and other children.
  • Build a biblical foundation in their lives.


We strive to provide a safe, clean and happy Christian environment for preschool age children and want to partner with families in the development of each child spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.  We encourage parents to actively participate in worship, Bible study and fellowship knowing that their children will be safe, well cared for and taught about God’s love.  Parents are provided with pagers so you can be contacted quickly in case of an emergency.  Children are provided with a snack and have access to a fenced in playground.


Nursery & Pre-Schoolers

Children from Birth through Pre-K have an enjoyable time in the nursery suite.  Our nursery suite is located on the north side of our sanctuary.

What should I bring...

Extra change of clothing, Bottles, Bibs, Diapers, Pull-Ups, etc.

Please label all personal items with child's full name.

Do not bring personal toys.

What to do when I arrive and leave...

  1. Check your child into the Nursery Suite.
  2. You will receive a security card, so that when you return only you with the security card can pick your child up.
  3. Hand your Bag of Supplies to the Check-in desk.
  4. When leaving, please send only one parent with your security card to pick up your child.
  5. Be sure to grab your Bag of Supplies before you leave.

Reminder:  No child can be just dropped off.  Our Nursery Suite is for those who are attending a worship service and/or Sunday school.